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21st January 2019 
Counselling/ Psychotherapy. kite

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Many people find themselves missing the simple pleasures of life and getting caught up in their work and home life which can lead to a feeling of being out of balance with themselves and their natural creative energy.

I can provide a safe and reliable relationship where we can plan and contract for the type of change identified. This way of working can be effective and powerful as it relies very strongly on the focus of work being agreed together.

It is through this process of exploration by the therapist and client that can create lasting change. I encourage the client to reflect on matters uppermost in their mind and together explore any feelings or thoughts which emerge as the relationship of trust develops between us. Through this process individuals can be helped to identify and change their various patterns from the past which may be having a negative affect on their lives.

Enabling people to have a greater sense of control through understanding themselves better and altering certain behaviours can be highly effective. In this way learning and understanding how some Transactional Analysis techniques may gradually bring about a greater degree of self understanding and enable the individual to find more satisfying ways of being and coping with difficulties.

is usually seen as a longer term commitment than counselling and tends to last longer over several months. The work may focus on both the presenting issues as well as exploring past matters of significance.

can last between 6-12 weekly sessions. Short term work can be extremely effective for some people depending on the problems they present with.

is the best way to find the most useful approach for you and to agree the focus of the work together.